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Are you looking to get more exposure for your business? then look no further! Get your free business listing today! Star Reviews offers UK businesses a high quality platform to advertise and promote your company within our completely unique business directory. There are no hidden fees or trials for a small period of time, you can register your business for a lifetime without charge. The only thing we ask is that you try and keep the profile of your business correct in terms of contact information and the services your offer to ensure that the sites users are able to read accurate information on Star Reviews.

To create your free business listing simply use the menu at the top of the page and select ‘Add Listing’, from here you will be asked to create an account, please note the email you use to create the account will not automatically be submitted on the business listing as you will have a chance to on the next step of the registration to choose what contact information and email you list within the profile. Once you have created your account you will be taken to the next step of the process where you will be asked to enter the relevant business information. As mentioned previously Star Reviews is focused at providing a high quality business directory for its users so please ensure the information entered within the profile page is accurate. We will check the information provided and reserve the right to remove any business listings that are inaccurate or don’t meet our profile page guidelines.

Creating your free business listing is easy, as our step by step process enables a fast and responsive platform to list your business or company.  You also have the opportunity to add photo’s, website links and any other information that is relevant for your business. Once you have completed the two step process your listing will go live instantly and potential customers will be able to find you throughout our business directory. You will also receive and email confirmation of your registration, each business will be able to login to the profile to make changes at any time.

Free Business Listings

Star Reviews offers free business advertising for its members by allowing businesses and companies of all sizes to create a profile which will be listed on our business directory. The directory will enable the business exposure not only on our website but it will also be listed on Google. All profiles allow a backlink to the business owners main website, this will help to promote the main business website by offering a free backlink.

Furthermore the profiles are created around your business and the services that you provide so that potential customers will be able find your business when searching on Google for the services you offer. In order to maximise your exposure we do recommend using fresh content within your business listing for your free advertising as this will enable a more effective search result on the search engines.

Our interactive platform enables potential customers to search for the business based on the services you offer and the location of your company. Our results are pages that have been created with the customer in mind so it will show local businesses typically with the highest reviews. We do also have Business Advertising Packages for Premium Partners who appear top of their categories who we vet prior to publishing, in order to list your business within this section you will need to Contact Us. Having a Premium listing offers wider exposure and a larger visitor count than the free business adverting.


Free Business Advertising

Our platform provides a market place for both business owners, if you are a business owner it is important to list your services as it is free and will only take two minutes to register. In return we will offer your business a reliable platform for both new and existing customers. For consumers our website provides a cutting edge business directory to find local businesses from tradesman right through to technology companies. You will also have the opportunity to post your feedback by leaving a review for the business based on the experience you had. Your feedback will not only be important to the company in terms of understanding their customers experience but your reviews will also help for the companies rating on our business directory. The higher the rating a business has on Star Reviews the greater the exposure they will receive within their categories.


Free Business Profile

We hope this section has been helpful and explains clearly how to create your free business listing. If there is anything else you need assistance with please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our free business profile is a great way to promote your business on Google and we encourage you to use helpful and informative content within your profile.


Free Business Reviews

If you run an online search for your business typically you will find a lot of information that is listed about your business and the services you offer. These results tend to include your website, company information pages, directory listings and consumer reviews. With a wealth of information available for all to see it is now seen as common practice for potential customers, suppliers and anyone else you may do business with to view a business online. Hopefully when these people search they will find nothing but positive information about your business and its services, however it only takes one harmful or slanderous review to potentially tarnish your good name.
At Star Reviews we offer all businesses a Free Business Profile, which enables consumer reviews this allows you to encourage your clients to post positive feedback based on the service you have provided. This information will not only be visible on our directory but will also be submitted into the Google search results thus protecting you from one or two abnormal reviews. Furthermore potential customers love to read feedback on a company before they contact them, so why not lead with your best foot and create your Free Business Listing today. Click here to get your free business listing!


Free Business Listing

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